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Focus and Scope

                                                JOURNAL POLICY

Human society... If we examine it a bit distantly, abstracting from the inextricable ties between the observer and the community of people, than in front of the researcher the society appears in all its multifaceted diversity and contradictory glory - as the center of creation, evolution and regression, kindness, generosity and aggression, genius and villainy, indissolubility and conflict opposition of the subjective and collective, recognition and overthrow of moral principles and aesthetic priorities, social progress and simultaneous depletion of biological habitat... Perhaps there is no (and can’t be) other such multifactorial, systematic and fragmented at the same time, unpredictable and mysterious object of research as the modern mankind.

An intellect was given to a man – to learn from own experience. Man is endowed with originative imagination to create, invent ways of his continuous development. But at the same time, the person has an active psyche caused by a twofold combination of biological and social nature of the individual. This is expressed in a systematic inconsistency, irrationality and sometimes in an obvious asociality of behavior. At the same time the man acts as an object of its own evolutionary efforts, the creator of progress and ruthless destroyer of historically formed values. A person has to acts as the author of innovative concepts, a teacher and a student. At the same time he has to practically implement his plans and reap positive or negative fruits of his labor. History shows that all of this is extremely difficult to implement with a consistently progressive result. But we don’t have another way. Therefore, humanity is condemned to study itself, summarize the experience of historical observations, learn from them, experiment and to try to be wise...

Mission of the journal "GISAP: Sociological, Political and Military Sciences" is to be one of alternative and open ways of publication of author's studies in the field of Sociological, Political and Military Sciences. It is also a source of distribution of the advanced knowledge about social and political organization of human societies, localization and settlement of the related conflicts.

The journal is focused on publication of original creative studies of scientists from around the world based on innovative and progressive approaches of authors to problems under study. In this context "GISAP: Sociological, Political and Military Sciences" seeks for the greatest possible promotion of the progress of Sociology, Political and Military sciences and the related public knowledge.

Materials with expert confirmation of high scientific quality and creative originality are published in the journal. This circumstance predetermines our intention to publish "live" materials with comprehensive author's ideas and specifics of self-expression. We publish reports capable to enrich the reader's scientific outlook with new approaches, concepts, thoughts and views on various matters of Sociology, Political and Military sciences.

The journal is absolutely democratic and open for social interaction. During the selection of materials for publication we don't use formal qualification-based requirements or other restrictive factors. Works of a talented student and a prominent scientist can be both published in the journal. The main selection criteria: the author's originality, novelty, literacy and scientific reasonability (together it all characterizes the "scientific value" of the report).

Original studies of representatives of various countries and cultures can be published in the magazine. At the same time to ensure availability of reports for representatives of the international scientific community (where English is a traditional mechanism of international communication) English is set as the dominating language of presentation of reports.

Main materials can be published in the journal in other widespread (acknowledged as widespread) languages of international communication and also in other languages providing their understanding for a wide range of persons. In such cases materials must be accompanied by extended summaries (abstracts) in English.

The International Academy of Science and Higher Education and the open international expert community of the GISAP project sincerely hope that the journal "GISAP: Sociological, Political and Military Sciences" (taking into account the declared principles of its publication) will promote the development of related branches of science, mutual enrichment of national scientific schools of various countries with knowledge and experience, international ties and scientific cooperation in Sociology, Political and Military sciences.


Section Policies


Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

Peer Review Process

Editorial board of the journal is a team of sectoral specialists consolidated within the Expert Board and also representatives of the open international expert community performing professional assessment of scientific studies within research analytics championships of the GISAP project.

Open international expert community members list of the GISAP project includes about 5000 scientists from around the world (in the current year). About 400 of them are professional sociologists, theorists and practitioners of Political and Military science from various countries of the world specializing in different aspects of Sociological, Political and Military Sciences and carrying out professional analysis of materials of the journal «GISAP: Sociological, Political and Military Sciences».


Publication Frequency

Number of issues per year: 3


Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.


Editorial board

INNA SHAPOVALOVA (RUSSIA) - Managing editor of the journal «GISAP: Sociological, political and military sciences» in the current year* - Doctor of Sociology, Full Professor, Associate Professor - Belgorod State National Research University.

ALEXEY KONOVALOV (KAZAKHSTAN) - Candidate of History, Associate Professor, Professor of History Department, Director of the Center of Social Monitoring and Forecasting, Chairman of the public association "Semey Independent Sociological Center" - Semey State University named after Shakarim.

SERGEY CHIRUN (RUSSIA) - Candidate of Sociology, Associate Professor - Kemerovo State University.

LILIE COHEN (ISRAEL, USA) - Adviser for Social Communications and Socialization Issues of a number of law enforcement agencies of the U.S. and Israel, SocSciD, PhD.

SANDRA LARSSON (SWEDEN) - International Volunteer Fund for Equal Rights Development, PhD.

YUAN SHENG (CHINA) - PhD, Military historian, consultant, expert at the State Museum Fund of Sichuan Province.

MARCUS STOUTSON (CANADA) - North American Center for the study of global problems of world politics, LLD, D.Sc.

RUSLAN PUZIKOV (RUSSIA) - Candidate of Jurisprudence, Professor of RANH (Russian Academy of Natural History), Deputy Director for Research - Tambov State University named after G.R. Derzhavin.


*- Managing Editor of "GISAP: Sociological, Political and Military Sciences" is annually elected from among the most qualified and authoritative members of the sectoral expert team. Basic criteria here is the professional fulfillment of expert obligations and the highest personal analytical ranking in the GISAP project following the results of the reporting year preceding the current year.
**- the Expert Board of "GISAP: Sociological, Political and Military Sciences" is annually formed from among professional sectoral scientists from around the world. These are highly qualified scientists with international publishing activity and significant personal analytical rankings in the GISAP project.


About the journal

"GISAP: Sociological, Political and Military Sciences" - periodical scientific journal of the International Academy of Science and Higher Education (IASHE, London, UK), devoted to matters of Sociology, Political and Military sciences. New issues of the journal are published three times a year.

Materials of the journal cover the following topics:


  • Structure of the society, social institutes and processes
  • Sociology of culture and spiritual life
  • Sociology of management
  • Theory, methodology and history of sociology
  • Methodology and methods of sociological research
  • Specialized sociology
  • Economic sociology and demography

Political sciences

  • Political problems of international relations and global development;
  • Political institutions, ethnopolitical conflict management, national and political processes and technologies;
  • Theory of politics, history and methodology of political science;
  • Sociology and psychology of politics;
  • Political management;
  • Political PR and advertising

Military sciences

  • Geopolitical factors of military science development
  • Anthropogenic elements in military science
  • Philosophical and ideological doctrines of war and military conflicts
  • Military operations strategy and tactics
  • Other connected or inter-sectoral thematic directions of studies obviously connected with Sociology, Political and Military sciences.

                              The journal has British jurisdiction and ISSN:

                                            ISSN 2054-6440 (Print)
                                            ISSN 2054-6459 (Online)



"GISAP: Sociological, Political and Military Sciences" is a new journal tightly connected with implementation of scientific-analytical projects of the IASHE and directly interacting with international scientific communities of various countries. In this regard now the journal is at the stage of scientometric indexation instruments widening.
Development of formants of citation and professional indexation of reports is one of the foreground tasks of the journal editorial policy.
The journal is now being registered in the following international scientometric databases. Registration in ProQuest, Scopus and Web of Science will be launched in the nearest future.
Besides, materials are stored in the preliminary archive of the international scientometric database Socrates-Impulse. Database is being built by specialists of the International Academy of Science and Higher Education at the moment.
Materials of the journal are presented in the International Scientometric Databases and Libraries. All International Scientometrics Databases are listed below.