Journal History

History of origin

Foundation and implementation of any project connected with periodical scientific editions is always quite a comprehensive and responsible initiative. As we all know, science is a global system of advanced knowledge of human civilization urged to ensure objective understanding of the surrounding reality by people. Science is focused on elaboration of true knowledge. It rejects any kinds of formal boundaries on the way to this goal. The purposeful nature of scientific activity ensures the social progress through consolidation of creative efforts of scientists around the globe and interpretation of results of their studies by various scientific schools.


In this regard every effective instrument of presentation of scientific studies, distribution of information about them and ensuring communications between scientists is a significant element of the scientific process making a valuable contribution into its development.


This journal is an informational channel allowing to publish original scientific works presented by scientists from different countries within the framework of the Global International Scientific and Analytical Project (GISAP). In order to improve indicators of scientometric indexing and the scale of distribution of scientific studies presented at the GISAP project, the International Academy of Science and Higher Education (IASHE;London,UK) introduces and publishes 12 sectoral scientific journals aside from publication of international collections of scientific reports.


Journal launch

The journal was established in 2013. First issue of the edition was published in the same year.