GISAP:Economics, Jurisprudence and Management

 The GISAP: Economics, Jurisprudence and Management (GISAP:EJM) is periodical scientific journal of the International Academy of Science and Higher Education (IASHE, London, UK). The GISAP: Economics, Jurisprudence and Management is peer-reviewed international research devoted to general and special matters of Economics, Law and Management. The scope of the journal encompasses original scientific studies presented by best authors - participants of the International Scientific and Analytical Project (GISAP), and also by independent authors of high professional qualification (for details please read the section CONDITIONS OF PUBLICATION) are accepted and published in the journal after preliminary expert reviewing. New issues of the journal are published three times a year.

The articles in the journal are open access to different users in different countries around the world. The journal is absolutely democratic and open for social interaction. During the selection of materials for publication we don't use formal qualification-based requirements or other restrictive factors. Works of a talented student and a prominent scientist can be both published in the journal. The main selection criteria: the author's originality, novelty, literacy and scientific reasonability (together it all characterizes the "scientific value" of the report). The GISAP: Economics, Jurisprudence and Management (GISAP: EJM) published from UK.

Economics, Jurisprudence and Management