Maxim Kostin, Igor Podkovyrov


The feasibility of using mycorrhizal products in biological agriculture is shown in the paper. When growing onions it is reasonable to use the Glomus fungi. It was found out that the mycorrhiza on onion roots improves the plant growth in the early stages of ontogeny. The effectiveness of mycorrhizal fungi on light-brown soils is reducing under the influence of high temperatures and low humidity. The factors causing the stress reduce the plant immunity and lead to the need to use pesticides.

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Khvan O.V. The use of growth stimulants and magnetic water to improve the quality of seedlings of onion., O.V. Khvan., Proceedings of International Scientific and Practical E-Conference on Agriculture and Food Security «Anthropogenic evolution of modern soils and food production under changing of soil and climatic conditions», 28 November, 2015, Access mode:

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